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by susana cortes

About Us

About Us


Bloom is a Boutique Branding Agency specialized in helping artists, musicians, coaches, healers, and regenerative projects

create brands purpose-driven.

During this process, we will help you ground your ideas & dreams. We will integrate all the qualities that make you and your project unique into a soulful brand.

This is a tailor-made process to expand your vision, help you fully align to your purpose, and discover the key elements, words & symbols that represent your mastery.

Using our personal method that integrates psychology, communication, and archetypes, you’ll give birth to a brand that fully embodies your essence in full alignment with your life's joureny.

With our guidance, you’ll be able to materialize your ideas and attract the audience your brand deserves.


"Projects are like flowers, in order for them to bloom

you need to nurture them every day"





Su, I'm so inspired by your infinite creativity and thrive to do new things! anyone caring for their brand or business should work with you! thanks for all the guidance I know your intentions are for the highest good”.



“Your presence is so important to me. It became clear just now on my walk that being understood and being supported in what I believe to be true is of the utmost importance”.


Nick Valencia

 Working with Su surprised me. Not having done branding work before, nor knowing how spirituality and business might mix, I did not know what to expect, and yet, I was pleasantly surprised. Su has a keen sense of perception on what it is you might be confused about in your offering and has the skill set to guide you deeper into your intuition and inner knowing. Her gifts extend from not only being visually gifted, but also is in tune with guiding her clients deeper into their unique essence and what potential blocks might be standing in the way from someone accessing that essence. She seeks to give life to the essence of her clients and does this in a highly intuitive, deep and nurturing way. I highly recommend working with Su for those interested in integrating the business and spiritual aspects of their branding process".


Sonia H, USA

 “This is how my brand was born @cjluxuryconsulting. Her image and branding strategy, the direction of the talented Susana Cortes. I tried it and it's amazing! In her online course, I discovered the magic of animals and how they influence my life purpose”.


Our Team

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Susana Cortes

CEO & Creative Director


Maria Fernanda Angulo

Lead Designer


Kevin Farr 

MBA Business advisor & Brand Strategy

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Tel: +506 8827 - 0350

San José, Costa Rica 

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